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Helping Other People Eat
(Hope Table)

Families in our church and community sometimes have difficulty making ends meet. You can assist them by providing food from our Hope Table ( Helping Other People Eat). Every month our Hope Table team sorts and packs donations of food items for families in need within our church and community. You can donate non-perishable foods with valid expiration dates at the church. Food distribution occurs on the last Saturday of every month between 11am-1pm. 

Food items appreciated

  • Cereal 

  • Canned soups & vegetables

  • Pasta & sauce 

  • Peanut butter & jelly

  • Taco kits 

  • Tuna & mayo 

  • Mustard 

  • Ketchup 

  • School snacks Granola bars 

  • Baking supplies

  • Oatmeal 

  • Salad dressings 

  • Pancake mix & syrup 

  • Noodles/rice 

  • Food gift cards (place in an envelope with value written on it). 

Please note: For more information on what is needed or how to get involved, don't hesitate to contact the Church Office at 631- 647- 5939 or our deacons at Volunteers are needed.

If you are a Calvary Baptist member, regular attendee, or from the Bayshore/ Islip area who is having difficulty putting food on the table for your family, please call the church office at:

All requests are confidential, and a select few only know recipients' names. 

631- 647- 5939

or contact our Deacons

(even if it’s a short-term need)

"Please avoid junk food items."

"Please avoid junk food items."

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